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.... a government cure for america's drug problem. and... the heat is on .. how the late summer burst of sun is affecting u.s. crops. you're watching first business: financial news, analysis, and today's investment ideas good morning! it's wednesday, august 28. i'm angela miles. in today's first look: the market in crisis mode over syria. the volitility index raced up 12%.. as fear and anxiety strike stocks. the dow plunged in a triple digit fall. the nasdaq had its worst point drop of the year.. and the s&p broke through technical support. gold futures pushed up $23 and oil spiked close to $109 dollars per barrel. jcp posted a record trading day with near 100million shares changing hands. it follows a report-- activist investor bill ackman sold his entire stake the retailer. the stock closed down 18 cents around $13.00. and walgreen is accused of overcharging customers and using false advertising. the lawsuit was filed yesteray by the attornery general of missouri. walgreen will fight the charges. for more on the market reaction to syria, larry shover of sfg alternatives joins us. goo
over 5 years and close the fhfa. bank of america shares fell on a double whammy. shares tumbled more than 2% wednesday after the justice department and the sec both lodged charges against the bank for allegedly cheating investors through the sale of residential mortgage-backed securities. according to the charges, bank of america sold $850 million worth of bad investments. bank executives claim the company did nothing wrong because the securities went south after the housing market collapsed. two banks are being sued over allegations of price manipulation in the aluminum market. according to bloomberg news, the screenmaster company, which sells products made with aluminum, accuses jp morgan and goldman sachs of hoarding the metal in detroit-area warehouses. the lawsuit claims hoarding drove up prices. a jp morgan spokesman tells bloomberg the suit has no merit. goldman sachs agrees and plans a vigorous fight. goldman sachs was sued on similar charges august 1st. jpm recently revealed plans to exit owning and trading commodities. a-rod's appeal has eroded, according to marketing execu
to a scheduling conflict.his term expires in january. president obama says america's colleges need to be more accountable for the value they provide students, their families and taxpayers. but as our cover story explains---he left open precisely how that value is measured. in buffalo, new york, president obama said rising costs are making college out of reach and a disturbing national trend reflects that---student loan default rates have now climbed above 9%--the highest it's been in 17-years. "bottom line is this, we've got a crisis in college affordability and student debt." so the president proposed the following reforms: first, a federal college value rating that could be tied to federal funding. second, the president wants to better prepare students for the global economy. but some fear that may curtail long-range thinkers in favor of short-term fixers. "we will essentially just graduate people responding to market demand but not create people who can see what's around the bend." thirdly, the president wants to make more graduates eligible to repay college debt gradually. "if we move for
veterans of america's trained experts were there to help him so he could concentrate on getting well. for over sixty years, paralyzed veterans of america has worked to ensure that our injured veterans get the medical, housing and auto benefits they have earned. i'm so thankful paralyzed veterans of america was there for me. surely those who sacrificed so much deserve no less. join me in supporting our paralyzed veterans. visit p-v-a dot org. in the 1950's americans worried about and planned for possible nuclear holocaust that age of fear has passed but with global terrorism and chaos not to mention natural disasters, it's easy to think, how should i prepare myself and my family for a disaster. anthony kovic wrote the book emergency prepping: simple disaster preparedness for the modern family. anthony, how do i know what it is exactly i'm preparing my family to protect itself against? > >you want to protect yourself from the basis of disasters. storms that come in, power outages, blackouts, things that will destroy your food supply especially if its in the freezer for a couple of days
now. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2. >>> a scary start to the first race of the america's cup challenger finals in san francisco bay. one boat stalls on racecourse and another into the water. >> i'm ken pritchett in for ken wayne. >> i'm heather holmes. >> two sailors thrown into san francisco bay after their catamaran nose-dived at 46 miles per hour. bringing back memories of another america's cup accident that killed a cure member. jade hernandez live in san francisco. >> reporter: heather, today's race was supposed to be about the speed and skill of 72' catamarans on the bay, but instead it was about two teams trying to survive. both teams racing in the louis vuitton final cups struggled on the water. emirate's team new zealand was caught in a sharp turn, throwing two crew members overboard. >> all of a sudden it crashes. >> i was more worried about the people who fell over. both men pulled to safety only suffered bumps and bruises. >> it was quite a welcome to america's cup. >> reporter: these spectators weren't expecting the dramatic excitement. >> the safety
, why you should consider investing in countries that have yet to catch up to america's prosperity. and, getting ready for groupon: how one trader is hoping for the best and preparing for the worst. first business starts now! you're watching first business: financial news, analysis, and today's investment ideas. good morning! it's wednesday, august 7th. i'm angela miles. in today's first look: a summer stock slide. stocks fell yesterday, with the dow down 139 points. it recovered, but still closed 93 points lower. ibm was one of the biggest losers. the nasdaq dropped 27 points, the s&p slipped below 1,700, gold pushed back $19, and oil $1.13. bank of america is one to watch today. the department of justice is suing over the firm's mortgage-backed securities. first solar and ge are striking a deal. first solar will buy ge's technolotgy for making thin film panels. in exchange, ge will receive 1.75 million shares of first solar stock. the stock fell 9% last night after the solar company missed on earnings. disney reports profits were up .9% in the lastest quarter on growth from theme park
jazeera america will carry 14 hours of news every day over the old current tv cable channel which it bought earlier this year for 500- million's positioning itself as a source for serious unbiased news. many feel, however, the qatar- based company "is" biased. there are skeptics even among arab nations. egypt's interim government has shut down al jazeera's offices in cairo after accusing it of threatening stability and national security. the government monitors your phone calls, social networks are selling info about you and retailers are tracking you with cameras & signals from your phone. here's something else to challenge your privacy. returns tracking.the associated press reports stores like home depot, jc penny, best buy and others record every time you return something to a store. the data is used to make a "return profile" for each customer.what do they do with this information? they're looking for return fraud which accounts for about 9 billion dollars in losses every year. the tech sector is in a slump.when the s and p 500 was up nearly 20% earlier this month,
. >>> to the challenging teams has been eliminated as the america's cup racing continued today in san francisco bay. artemis is the swedic-backed blue boat and luna rosa are jockeying for position. artemis runs into luna rose yawn a the junes ruled that luna rosa had the right-of-way and artemis has to lay back. luna rosa had a 3-0 lead in the challenger semifinals. trailing by a large margin it only gets worse force artemis, getting a penalty for going offcourse. the winner of the next series faces the champion oracle team for the america's cup. it's the usual suspect on the pole for tomorrow ease nascar wait at watkins glyork. watkins glen is one of two road tracks used in the sprint cup series. marcus ambrose has won there two years in a row and on the pole tomorrow, trying to make it three straight. the nationwide drivers there as well. and things didn't start out well for kyle busch. they are about to finish one lap and he spins into the wall. that wasn't so bad, but mike wallace was headed his way. wallace was finished for the day. busch eventually finished 24m, brad keselowski made the win.
-- three local winners of the annual celebrated america writing contest. >> the land of peace and opportunity. i am glad that america is a nation because it brought my family here. >> thank you. >> both the winners and the second runner up came men ri in richmond. el men ri in richmond. >>> the store on california on franklin street cleared out at 3 p.m. when a refrigerator unit started leaking. fire officials telling us the le freon. >>> david stevenson explains how a trail of blood led to the massive stash. . >> reporter: than 30, 000 pills and 23 kilos of powder. it is known as ecstasy or molly. it is estimated as $1. 5 millin . >> sometimes you do get lucky and this instance we were lucky. >> the bus came to an unusual incident sunday morning, witnesses described to us seeing a man died through a glass window. >> there was a gentleman hanging from the fire escape and when i got closer he just kind of drops from the fire escape and fell into the glass. >> that's when they discovered the drugs and $30, 000 in cash and they arrested seven terrelle both of san francisco. >> i
in. we asked tim mulholland of china america capital what makes singapore so appealing to investors. "what's attractive about singapore is they have a very solid financial infrastructure. extrememly sophisticated. they have a very sophisticated workforce and most importantly, there's a real rule of law there with protection or property and i think that's a very important thing." singapore also was also first among asian countries to sign the 2003 free trade agreement with the u.s. china's economy is in focus this week. chinese officials are assuring skeptics that its economy is stabilizing after growth slowed for 10 straight quarters. the government says there are new signs of momentum, and china should hit its growth target for the year. chinese officials are assuring skeptics that its economy is stabilizing after growth slowed for 10 straight quarters. the government says there are new signs of momentum, and china should hit its growth target for the year. in greece -- the country is set to qualify for more bailout money. a member of the european central bank notes athens is on tr
mulholland with china america capital. tim, everybody's caught up in the froth here. you're looking at the fundamentals of this market. what do you see? - if you look at the fundamentals of this market, you can't be real encouraged. what you're seeing is earnings driving the market, but earnings driven by stock share buybacks and cost-cutting measures and those sort of things. margins are at their highs. you're really not seeing investment in the future. also, we know the economy's nothing to really scream about. from a fundamental standpoint, no, but fundamentals usually never win. in the short run, what you have is a fed that's printing money like crazy and looks like they're going to continue expanding their balance sheet and staying in the game, which i think is underpinning this market. - yeah, and then when inflation kicks in, what? they'll be caught holding the bag? - when inflation kicks in, which nobody's really giving any type of thought to now because we've been conditioned during the great moderation... in fact, the fed thinks that inflation is too low. but, what you're
and advocate for the services he needed. fortunately, paralyzed veterans of america's trained experts were there to help him so he could concentrate on getting well. for over sixty years, paralyzed veterans of america has worked to ensure that our injured veterans get the medical, housing and auto benefits they have earned. i'm so thankful paralyzed veterans of america was there for me. surely those who sacrificed so much deserve no less. join me in supporting our paralyzed veterans. visit p-v-a dot org. a lot of buzz about the eurozone, and much of it coming from the strongest manufacturing report there in two years. matt shapiro of mws capital joins us. hi, matt. - how are you doing, chuck? - i'm doing well, and i'd like to know what businesses, what industries in europe you're looking at today. - well, you know, it's welcome news that they're finally coming back. i've invested in several major european shares this past year, and i think you really take a look at the playbook we had here in the united states over the past year, which is, of course, high- quality companies. look at the fi
, was in no condition to cope and advocate for the services he needed. fortunately, paralyzed veterans of america's trained experts were there to help him so he could concentrate on getting well. for over sixty years, paralyzed veterans of america has worked to ensure that our injured veterans get the medical, housing and auto benefits they have earned. i'm so thankful paralyzed veterans of america was there for me. surely those who sacrificed so much deserve no less. join me in supporting our paralyzed veterans. visit p-v-a dot org. despite improvements in the economy americans may not be setting more money aside for retirement.greg mcbride of is here with more.good morning greg and what's the latest on american nest eggs? > >only 18% of americans are actually saving more for retirement this year than they were last year. now, that's the same reading that we had a year ago. on the other hand we do see some real trouble spots. those between the ages of 50 and 64 had a higher propensity than all other age groups to be saving less for retirement this year than last year. and upple midd
that held down the track. hundreds of people in central america were riding on the car. survivors said that armed men had threaten them and taken the money before the accident. >>> no matter how state funding shrinks berkeley will not become a private university. >> there is a public mission that'll transcend and indeed survive any changes o the model that we use to support the university. >> berkeley has to rely on donation and use resources. he was in charge of the department of arts and sciences. >>> kindergarteners are really not what you think of when you he truant si problem. ktvu rob roth talks with the new effort of truancy even among the youngest students. >> even before she could speak word. s. >> it was back to school. >> for these kindergarteners it was the the first day of school ever. >> for the opening school district, part of the challenge this year is to make sure kindergarteners keep oncoming to class. according to the record last year of the number of students absent that's missing at least 18 days of school was about 10% district wide kindergarten it was abo
clients. the report says firms such as bank of america and citibank tap into private databases to track consumer banking habits. "they're trying to find people who are doing this on a regular basis, committing fraud and trying to keep them out of the banking system. but a lot of other people kinda slip through the cracks and get caught in this system that can really keep them out of being able to have a checking account." claes bell of tells us the problem has been around for years and often forces people who don't have bank accounts to go to a currency exchange. he also says the bank must disclose why the person was rejected. goldman sachs says it will ease wait times for customers wanting to get to aluminum stored in its warehouses. this comes in the wake of a growing debate over whether banks should be allowed to own commodities such as aluminum at all. the federal reserve is reviewing the law. goldman was accused of manipulating wait times and therefore driving up prices for aluminum. the bank owns and stores at least 25% of the u.s. aluminum supply according to forbes,
no choice. >> workers still have rights in america and worldwide. there's times you need to take action when forced into the action. >> i think it will be a tough situation for people. i hope they can resolve things quickly. >> in a strike, ac trapsit will pick up some of the slack with additional service as much as possible. one driver says she's ready. >> how did it go last time? >> it was a lot of work. a lot of extra people. all in all, it was still all right. >> fund raise ner san francisco, mayor demand add quick resolution. >> this is the public's investment. not to forget the bargaining table. we have to drive the folks to an agreement. >> they will be running hard with five additional boats in the water. like last time, they will be all packed. >> i don't want to see them -- want to see them treated fairly. >> people riding by bike, by bus, people think a strike will not be averted but they remain hopeful. >>> a live look at the caltrans building in oakland. we should have the picture live. that's the website where you have the latest information. here's the continuing coverage, the
i found out i didn't have the right papers. that i was here in america illegally i had to create a different system of reality. >> reporter: vargas has become a prominent face in the fight for immigration reform and now so is zuckerberg. he and his farmer harvard roommate green began a panel. >> they wanted to make sure this wasn't going to be only about engineers, only about hnb, only about silican valley. >> reporter: zuckerberg said he wanted to make sure this was a path to citizenship. >> these are issues that don't just touch our part of the industry but touch the whole country and touch what is right for us to do as a people. >> reporter: among the crowd tonight house minority leader nancy pelosi, san francisco mayor ed lee. other lawmakers and mc hammer all of whom echo zuckerberg's call. and they certainly welcome his clout too. i'm heather holmes, ktvu news. >>> a san jose company is pulling ginger candy off store shelves after a testing found high levels of led. it sold in a white container with red lettering. there's a small cocoa nut tree on the top of the label and t
in america rose 0.7% in europe, asia, the middle east and africa, sales dropped nearly 2%. restaurants in those regions were hit by the outbreak of bird flu and the timing of ramadan. tgi friday's employees are celebrating a welcome change. the restaurant chain was under investigation by the labor department after refusing to re-hire employees who took legal leave. now it's required by law to allow eligible employees to take up to four months of unpaid leave - and be reinstated. tgi fridays is also under fire for swapping cheap booze for premium brands. eight restaurants in new jersey will pay a $500,000 fine to the state for the switch. a pop in crops following last year's drought will lead to lower food prices. food prices hit the lowest level in a year in july. the united nations predicts an abundance of grain on the market could cause another drop in the months ahead, especially for cereal prices this year and next. last summer, food price surged as crops whithered in an historic drought. strenghth in the u.s. dollar could also drive down food prices, because it weighs on dollar-tr
are particularly on guard for unusual activity. bank of america, jpmorgan chase, citigroup and others have increased online security following disruptions last september. government officials are also concerned about the outtage of the new york times website earlier this week. usa today reports: its suspected the syrian electronic army was behind the hack attack. "in the past alot of malware was trying to compromise as many computers as possible. today, the trend we have with sophisticated attacks is to target and compromise as few systems as possible. because they know exactly who they want to go after. whether it is a particular person, network, even a specific computer." that was kenneth geers, a senior global threat researcher at security firm fire eye.u.s. intelligence reports contend what syrian hackers are capable of disrupting is limited. the nasdaq is blaming a "software bug" for causing trading to stop at the exchange for more than 3 hours last week. specifically the nasdaq says there was a electronic connection problem between the new york stock exchange and the nasdaq...
.s. assets, and flatt tells cnbc there continues to be a lot of investment opportunity in america. flatt says he's bullish on the u.s. because housing, retail and manufacturing are all making a comeback, and he sees possibilities in the shale gas revolution. flatt also mentioned he's looking for value plays in europe and emerging markets. it's always fascinating to know how billionaires are investing *their money. insider monkey reveals warren buffett and others are buying shares of davita. the company owns kidney dialysis centers. billionairs are also bullish on sirius satellite radio company verisign. another popular stock with 1-percenters is an internet registry services company. and billionairs are also big on credit card stock visa. investors are keeping their eyes on priceline. the stock is closing in on a milestone: $1,000 a share. in its latest earnings, priceline notes "tremendous momentum" going forward. strength in europe helped revenues. noodles and company, which went public earlier this summer, is trading lower after its first set of earnings failed to increase investor appet
. "bill franke is a turn-round artist. he did it with america west and spirit and now seems ready to do it again and put it on a more certain business and financial footing." the business model is not for business travelers. instead, the target is students and middle-income leisure travelers willing to forego comfort and convenience for price, if you can avoid the add-ons. "in the beginning, when you book, it seems cheap. but when you add up everything, it's more than other airlines." but for passengers concerned about airline consolidation--u- s airways and american. continental and united, analysts say an ultra low cost carrier based in denver might be good for business after all. "this is a big story frontier could reshape discount travel in the west." and it could happen fast-- the deal could be wrapped by next month. downtown detroit is booming in the face of bankruptcy. the motor city's urban areas is on the upswing, as demand for office space picks up. developers are flocking to office rentals that are estimated to be 7 to 25% less than renting space in the suburbs. "it's still
finding positions in print barely a blip. even with women making strides in corporate america, their salaries are still not keeping up with their male counterparts. only 8% of women who lead s&p 500 companies were considered top-earners in 20-12. on average they earned 18% less than men. the bloomberg study finds women tend to avoid asking for more money, due to fear of being labled as overly aggressive. the problems aren't just plaguing the boardroom. the u.s. census bureau says among full time workers in the u.s.: women make 77 cents for each dollar men make. celebrity chef paula deen is no longer facing claims of race discrimination. a former restaurant manager accused deen of using racist remarks and sexual harrasment. deen defended herself in tearful youtube a federal georgia judge is throwing out the race discrimination claims. but the sexual harrasment claims still stand.deen lost partnerships with the food network, walmart and her upcoming book was also dropped by the publisher. still to come: is the s&p stuck? thats later in chart talk. plus ... a punk rock
in america. house hold debt including mortgages, credit cards, and auto loans fell $78 billion in the second quarter to $11.15 trillion. sounds like a lot but it's the lowest level since 2006. debt is dwindling as the housing market improves giving americans the opportunity to sell homes they cannot afford. europe is also making steps in the right direction as it emerges from recession.gdp has increased three-tenths of a percent--- with germany and france reporting in solid gains. the data beat many economists' expectations. however, critics are saying the region is not in the clear just yet. on september fourth, the g-d-p numbers released this week will be revised -- which could indicate more clearly where the eurozone stands in its recovery. boeing is still working out kinks with its dreamliner 787s. in the latest round of trouble... japanese airline ana holdings reports an electrical wiring problem in the engine fire extinguishers.the issue was discovered during pre-flight maintenance of a jet at tokyo july a fire broke out on an ethiopian airlines 787.earlier this year the jet
in the future. >>> today of the america's cup challenge series on the san francisco's bay. and could not finish the race t. two races were scheduled for today because of high winds but today's second race was cancelled also because of the wind. new leading the series of two races to 1. >>> a young whale washed ashore and died. our dave stephenson reports now of what made this unshlusual. >> we ran back to the house and we came back. >> beach goers called the fire department - it was too late, this video shows the final movement before it died at about 9:00 this morning. >> it was struggling and it was a very sad event. >> i've lived here for 49 years and i have never seen a live whale on the beach before. >> it somehow became separated from h its mother. >> all the large whales are extremely well and danger so it is rare to see a fin whale of any type. >> small crowds watch as crews attach the cable from the whale, at one point the cable snapped and the cat ways weighs 15 to-20 pounds. there is very little that it can be done. >> once these whales on the beach, there is no hope for them to get
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of america. the new york times reports-- a 21 year old intern working at the bank's london office.. died just one week away from completing his internship.reports say moritz erhardt- was an exchange student at the university of michigan was found unconsious by british police last week.the bank called him a diligent intern with a promising future. unconfirmed reports say he had epilepsy and pulled three all nighters just before he died. for-profit educator, career education will pay ten-and-a quarter miilion dollars to settle a suit brought by new york's attorney general. the company has been the target of a two-year investigation and stood accused of inflating its success rate in placing graduates in jobs. $9.2 million of the settlement will go to five-thousand former students. career education is one of the largest for-profit college coprporations in the country. it operates more than 90-campuses around the world. the number of teens working summer jobs dropped this season. according to employment trend watchers at challenger, gray and christmas.. 1.4 million young people between the ages of
of facebook posted on his own facebook page this week, that he is teaming with corporate america to expand internet access to the world. currently 2.7 billion people are online.--- whiile it's a large crowd, its only one third of the world's population. the nfl is said to be shopping silicon valley. potentially for a new home for its sunday ticket game package. all things d reports.. nfl reps have been meeting "informally" with leaders of top tech companies including google which own online video site youtube. currently, directv owns rights to nfl sunday ticket through the end of 2014. the satellite tv giant reportedly pays $1 billion dollars the rights every year. ups is delivering a blow to workers. the company will remove employees' spouses from insurance plans. it applies only to spouses who are able to get health coverage elsewhere.the company told employees that rising health care costs and new ones associated with obamacare made it difficult to provide certain benefits to employees at an affordable cost. the obama administration did not respond to the decision.advocates of health c
of america to make sure that doctor king's vision comes to reality. >> festivities will continue this week with the event on the actual anniversary on wednesday right here at city hall. in san francisco, anne, ktvu channel 2 news. >> that's 200, 000 people came to the nation's capital to commemorate of the 50th anniversary of that march and speech. the speech concluded of martin luther king's son. >>> protest of the killing of two young men. >> about a dozen of people gathered tat corner of market street today's protest was a memory of two recent homicide victims. both of them were shot and killed this summer. >> people were getting killed and the fire department coming out and washing the blood off the sidewalks and after that everyone would go and that would be it. these are our families and children. >> protests was organized by the group soldiers against violence everywhere. >>> a suspect in an armed robbery in vallejo is expected to survive. police are looking for three men of the robbery. about 45 minutes later they spotted three people in the parking lot. one of them drew a silver o
about the larger models of department stores in america? is there something wrong there? let's talk with joe cahill, a columnist at crains chicago business. now, this is interesting---you call this,"the longest running corporate train wreck you can remember." > >that's right. sears has decline traces all the way back to the late 80s and early 90s when walmart started attacking their customer base. that was followed of course by target and costco. then in this decade, you've had the rise of amazon as the dominant online retailer and all these trends have hurt sears badly and set off this long, slow decline we're seeing. > >and the ceo, the man who owns all the stock--ed lambert he's been dancing. he's been trying all kinds of new things and they point out that their loyalty program has gotten good positive growth numbers. > >well, they're signing up a lot of people for their loyalty program, but the key to a loyalty program is to get the people who join the program to buy more from you than they were already buying. so you can make everybody who shops there a loyalty club member but
in those countries, but embassies in europe and latin america would be closed that day anyway. >>> an alameda judge accused of stealing $1.6 million from an elderly neighbor pleaded no contest today. paul seemen was arrested in june of hast year after a two-year investigation. today he entered the no plea contest to charges of elder abuse and perjury. instead of a prison sentence he gets five years probation. he is also barred from practicing law in california and is paid about $300,000 in restitution. his sentencing is set for october 22nd. >>> the city of richmond will file a haw suit against chevron related to hast year's refinery fire. the fire did great harm to the community and chevron needs to be held accountable. it was august 5th when fire sparked from a ruptured pipe and thousands went to the hospital complaining of respiratory problems. richmond will now pursue a lawsuit. the mayor will hold a news conference tomorrow. chevron says a lawsuit would be a waste of the city's resources. >>> california and nevada's lawmakers are going to team up to protect lake tahoe. th
also filed suit. >>> the u.s. government today filed suit against bank of america. it's accused the bank of defrauding investors by under investigating the risk. the justice department says b of a mislead investors in the sales of $150,000 of mortgage bonds back in 2008. many of the investments went sour when the investment collapsed. >>> u.s. home prices surged almost 12% in june. home prices in fact, were up in all states but two. the nevada led the way with a gain of 11.5%. nevada was up 6.5%. >>> later tonight president obama's proposal to the home lending business and how he hopes to insulate taxpayers. >>> the fbi is focusing attention to a crew of bay area robbers. they suspect the masked criminals have hit at least five banks and as david stevenson reports the incidents are getting violent. five banks in five months. >> we definitely consider them armed, dangerous and a a menace to society. >> reporter: the latest robberies has the authorities concerned because this time one of the bank robbers was attacked. >> the bank employee was pistol whipped. >>> the fbi says from
. >> reporter: where america's cup boats raced today and yesterday, this popped up yesterday afternoon. the dorsal fin of a shark. possibly, a great white. >> i'm really scared from sharks. >> reporter: this family from italy. >> i contempt telling my daughter, there's no sharks, don't worry. now you're telling me there is one. >> reporter: in fact many, seven gil leopard, and others, bay area residents. this diver is safe here, but less so in the open ocean with one of these. great whites have a fearsome reputation, though human bites are accidental. >> occasionally, they may venture in, under the bridge, but it's not at all common. >> reporter: this might be a great white, or the closely related salmon shark. >> those two species can be very similar in appearance, especially when the animal is underwater. >> reporter: less well known, salmon sharks are off the coast right now. >> obviously, they like salmon, and a lot of different types of fish that would be found here in the bay. >> reporter: there's never been a reported salmon shark attack on humans, and great white attacks are ra
america has come a long way to assuring that all citizens are able to vote. she said some people argue that discrimination has been wiped out, so the protections of that law were no longer needed. >> but as justice ginsburg said, that is like throwing away your umbrella in a rain storm, because you are not getting wet. you will soon be soaked. >> reporter: mrs. clinton also received the medal for distinguished service for her efforts to help fight human trafficking. she made no mention whether she plans to run for president in 2016. >>> financial documents filed by sharon sandberg shows show sold $3.7 million worth of her shares of the company stock last week. sandberg had arranged to sell the stock through a plan that allows executives to schedule trades in advance, so they won't be accused of using insider information. >>> wall street had a lackluster day. investors didn't seem to have much motivation to buy or sell. the dow lost 5 points on light trading. the nasdaq gained 9. >>> it warmed up a bit out there today. these are the official numbers. got to 90 in antioch, after last wee
graders who are winners of the creative writing contest. >> i am glad i live in america. my mom was born in vietnam but she had to escape her country because of the communist government. >> one nation, under god ... >>> she was found swimming in the bay. tonight, 10:45. the remarkable rescue of a young pup. >>> an icon on a bay area college camp susis set to be demolished. we will tell you -- campus is set to be demolished. we will tell you why it is going out with a big bang. >>> the crews turned on the lights tonight in the test of the new energy efficient look at 'em. living on cloud nine with that u-verse wireless receiver. you see in my day, when my mom was repainting the house, you couldn't just set up a tv in the basement. i mean, come on! nope. we could only watch tv in the rooms that had a tv outlet. yeah if we wanted to watch tv someplace else, we'd have to go to my aunt sally's. have you ever sat on a plastic covered couch? [ kids cheering ] you're missing a good game over here. those kids wouldn't have lasted one day in our shoes. [ male announcer ] switch and add a wireless
broadcasting in the united states tomorrow. al jez era america. al jez era says it will have more news and fewer commercials than other american news networks. >>> jobs grossed and estimated $6.7 million in its first weekend landing it in the number seven spot that is a far cry from the number one film the butler with oprah winfrey which took in $25 million. many critics complained the film concentrated too much on apple the corporation rather than the personal aspects of job's life. >>> an unemployed computer programmer that found a flaw on facebook does not qualify for a reward. he found a way to postto someone's time line without being a friend. he demonstrated the problem on mark zuckerberg's personal page. shreda says he was hoping for the reward money. but is also happy to be getting job offers from around the world. >>> our exclusive ktvu field poll, the poll find 52% support the health care act. 48 oppose. they are mostly republican and conservatives. >>> first dog bo obama has a new play mate. the white house web announces the adoption of a new dog. >>> a young whale washed a
its debuts in the united states today -- debut in the united states today. al jaze era america has six bureaus one in san francisco. >>> on wall street the dow lost seven points today closing lower for a fifth consecutive day as it retreats from a record high set earlier this month. just the opposite today for the nasdaq it gained 24 points. >>> a bay area strip club that once made history will soon see its last dance. >>> then at 10:45, an old tactic to stop students from cuts class gets a new try. one teen's answer why we asked why he skipped school today. >> a man was shot and killed in this strip mall last night. we learned 12 years ago a similar man had the same fate in the exact strip mall. >> you can >>> one man is dead, two others injured after a shooting e now. it's located inside a strip mall on alam rock between capital avenue. and you found out this location has a history of violence. >> reporter: frank, that's true. i will get to that in a moment. two security guards came out here, they basically walked around the building they had flashlights checking out the entire s
will base his decision on america's best interest even if it means acting alone. >> what we have seen here tragically, is a preponderance of the evidence available in the public domain that the asad regimed used chemical weapons against their citizens. >>> in san francisco today dozens of protesters rallied at powell and market streets demanding that the u.s. stay out of syria. they say money spent on military action there could be better used in this country and they want the u.s. to get out of the rest of the middle east as well. >>> a federal appeals court today upheld california's law banning so called gay conversion therapy. a group of conversion therapists appealed. the law does not cover the activities of pastors and counselors who provide such therapy but are unlicensed. >>> same-sex couples who are legally married will be treated as married for federal tax purposes. treasury secretary lu says the ruling assuring legally married similar sex couples that they can move legally across the nation knowing their filing status will not change. >>> a lease agreement gives netflix right of
bank of america said it sold the unit to a third party and here we are, four months later. as for barry and his house mates he called today's action greed of the usa. and their things were thrown into a pickup, destination they said, unknown. >>> a new lawsuit has been filed in connection with an accused child molester. 28-year-old keith woodhouse worked at a day care. >>> a calming influence when he needs it most. coming up next an iraq veteran tries to find comfort after losing his service dog. >> in five minutes, chief meteorologist bill martin back with his bay area >>> new video tonight of s.w.a.t. team officers in vallejo as they surround a house where a homicide suspect was thought to be hold up. just about an hour ago, the s.w.a.t. team entered that house but there was no sign of the man they were looking for. the ordeal started about 6:00 this evening when police confronted two men inside a parked car near pacheco drive. officers arrested one man who is a suspect in a recent shooting. the other man took off and ran into that near by house. he is still at large tonight. >>> toni
lots of fun. here's my brother. >> succeeded in america by doing what they had since their days of crisis on the south china sea. they stuck together. an epic, very american tale of grit and hope and self-reliance. lessons absorbed whole by their children. >> if i was missing and michelle was looking for me, she would -- she would tear up heaven and earth to find me. and so i had to fight for her. >> so it was the new generation, the american-born generation that finally convinced the family it had to go public to put their story on the press and on social media. >> until the hayward police department can offer conclusive and definite proof, otherwise we will continue to believe she's alive. michelle is still alive and needs to be rescued. >> we're going to find you. we're going to bring you home. >> two weeks to the day after michelle's disappearance, the family organized this vigil to make a public case that michelle was not dead. but instead, a kidnap victim. an urgent need of rescue. >> we're focusing on getting her home and what we can do to get had her home. >> i truly tru
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